James C. Clark

Faded Glory: Presidents Out of Power

"James Clark delves deeply into the archives of our nation's presidential history to reveal that, for many former presidents, life after the White House was far from a gratifying experience and often brought poverty, despair, and the hope that somehow they might return to power. Focusing on individual presidential lives, Clark relates how Thomas Jefferson slipped into poverty and spent his final days trying to sell his beloved Monticello; how Franklin Pierce succumbed to alcoholism; how James Buchanan was suspected of being a Confederate spy, and more. Clark reveals uncharacteristic behavioral patterns of former presidents who, filled with frustration and resentment, leveled undue criticism at their successors. He also observes that those men who wished to remain in the White House, often left with great bitterness, unable to deal with the loss of power and prestige."

Selected Works

In 1513, Spanish explorer Ponce de León first set foot on Florida's east coast. The land he discovered was a geographic anomaly so distinctive that astronaut Neil Armstrong said Florida was the first shape on earth he recognized on his return from a visit to the moon 456 years later. This unique state witnessed momentous events from the 1959 arrival of the first Cuban exiles under Fidel Castro to the 1981 launch of the Columbia, the first space shuttle. Join author and historian James C. Clark as he chronicles the history of the Sunshine State in this concise and captivating history.
This is the second in a series of fiction and nonfiction by legendary writers who wrote in Florida, or about Florida. This volume covers five centuries of Florida writers from Cabeza de Vaca in the 1500s to James Patterson in 2014. Each selection is accompanied by an essay by Clark explaining the writer's place in Florida literature.
This is the first in a series of collections of fiction and nonfiction about Florida by legendary writers who came here—some to escape the chilly North, some to find freedom, and some to investigate what the fuss was all about.
Most Americans only think of theme parks when they think of Orlando. But the city has a rich history as a cattle center--complete with rustlers--the nation's citrus center, and finally the top tourist destination in the United States.
U.S. Presidents have played a major role in shaping Florida, whether waging wars, protecting the environment, seeking votes, or just drawing media attention to the state's attractions.
The campaign that changed everything in Florida.
The dramatic story of the Confederate government’s escape from Richmond at the end of the war.
Learn 200 quick, painless history lessons in one thoroughly researched book. An indispensable guide for Florida students, newcomers, and old-timers alike.
The stories of the men who rose to the nation’s highest office, then gave up that power to return to lives which were often difficult.

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